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​Technicolor Printing is a southern California based company that offers a variety of print services that include screen printing, signage, graphic designing and embroidery.

Our experience has been providing highest quality work for non-profits, constructions companies, churches, TV studios, sports teams, schools, and businesses.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We pride ourselves on our excellent and friendly customer service, our quality, fast turn-around time, and aggressive pricing.



Like the way many other successful companies begin, Technicolor Printing has a unique story of its own. Andrew Salazar was fascinated with screen printing as early as his teenage years, and from that place he launched his Christian t-shirt brand by the name of Faith Ent. He printed all of his own apparel on a humble, dinky, manual press.


As he was fighting the good fight of making a name for his brand, he began to receive requests from friends and family to print shirts. He agreed and discovered that screen printing was generating more for him than the apparel he was selling, much to his surprise. His time and efforts naturally changed course to pursue growing his screen printing business. 


Now, years later, Technicolor Printing has exploded into a much more sophisticated business. With massive growth every year, that dinky manual press has turned into multiple automatic presses, top of the line embroidery machines, a state of the art direct to garment machine, graphic design, signage, and offering online web stores to customers. The future looks amazingly bright as Technicolor offers more than ever to its clientele. 



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