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How it works

1. Submit art or work with a Technicolor artist on creating the perfect design

2.Decide on a pricing structure that will best suit your organization

     -Base Price (no profit made/ most cost effective for an online store)
     -Set Price (customer will set the price any where from from $1 to $5 profit per item) -Fundraiser                  Pricing (anywhere from $2 to $7 per item depending on how many items sold)

3. Pick garments to be used on the store

4. Finalize dates your store will run

-Store typically closes Sunday night at mid night

-Suggested 5 days to 2 weeks for store to be open

5. 2 to 3 week Production time from time your store closes.


-Technicolor will deliver or ship to school or home

-Parent have the option to ship or deliver to their homes

-Delivered orders will be pre packed with child's name and class room number for easy distribution.

7. If there are any problems with your order your parents can contact us direct and we will take care of them. Technicolor has a 100% guarantee on all our orders

*Any profit made will be mailed via check once the store closes
*All online orders are confirmed with an order number via email
*All orders are packed individually for easy distribution
*custom web url will be given to customer for easy mass marketing
*custom flyer for paper ordering will also be given out

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